• Low hanging fruit - there is more of it than you think.
  • Web sites - every visitor is a potential lead.
  • Impression-Click-Conversion, the fundamental metric.
  • Handling your leads - cheap or expensive, just do it.
  • Drip marketing - its really not that complicated.
Self generation and purchasing can make for a powerful means to keep your sales pipe line full.

Driving Traffic to Your Site

The internet presents one of the best mediums for producing sales leads because adjustments can be made quickly, and data is readily available. The basic goal is to get as many visitors to your site as possible in order to convert them into leads. Not every visitor will produce a lead, in fact in many industries a conversion rate of 2 or 3 percent would be considered excellent. But at the end of the day, its just like the old axion, "I never saw a man catch a fish that didn't go fishing". You have to throw your lure out and troll for whatever you can.

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Converting Visitors to Leads

Every single visitor to your site represents a sales opportunity. The odd thing about visitor to lead conversion is the less owners pay in advertising to get visitors, the less attentive they are to conversion. You want your site to be as "sticky" as possible, and to make the "conversion" to sales leads irresistible to the visitor. If you have interested visitors to your site you want to present them with an easy to find, "call to action". Make it enticing for the person to reach out to you with language that will motivate them to act. When I read "contact us" I think; for what?

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Lead Distribution Software

Just about every company has a web site but most of those are not generating leads effectively and practically none are distributing them in a timely manner to sales reps for follow up. It goes beyond just distribution; the backbone of a good lead system is understanding Return on Investment and that means sales lead tracking. Sales leads must be captured and kept in a proper data base that offers an array of tools for effective follow up and conversion into sales. This is especially important when a manufacturer is utilizing a distributed sales force or franchise based system.

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